Castletown Medical Centre Sandfield, Castletown, Isle of Man IM9 1EX

Temporary Residents (visitors to the island)

It has been agreed that any resident of the United Kingdom will be able to receive treatment by a GP on the Isle of Man on the NHS. as a Temporary Resident (ID is required) providing we have an available appointment. If no appointments are available, patients will be advised that they can be seen by any GP on the island.  This care should be for immediate and necessary treatment.

Any persons not having a permanent Isle of Man or UK address will incur a fee.

Private Services and Fees

Telephone consultation/Prescription  £10.00

10 minute appointment                    £50.00 – note this will be charged at each and every subsequent consultation

Home Visit                                      £100.00

These fees are irrespective of whether the treatment is on an immediate and necessary basis or not.

Please note an additional fee will be charged at the Pharmacy for any prescriptions required.

We do not accept credit or debit cards.  Payment is accepted by cash or cheque with a guarantee card