Castletown Medical Centre Sandfield, Castletown, Isle of Man IM9 1EX

Yellow Fever

We are a Registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

  Please see our News Page for the latest information regarding Yellow Fever Vaccinations

The practice is a designated Yellow Fever Centre serving the whole of the island.  Please contact our Practice Manager Debbie Longan for more information or complete our Yellow Fever Form. There is also a Yellow Fever Information for Travellers leaflet which explains the risk of side effects that you should read carefully. All completed forms should be returned to the practice along with the fee.

As a registered vaccination centre, we are able to offer the yellow fever vaccine to patients needing this for their protection when travelling in certain areas of the world.

In order to be a registered centre, we have to have received mandatory training in this subject. This is monitored by National Travel Health Network and Centre:

Who needs this vaccine?
Usually travellers to areas of Africa and South America are advised to receive the vaccine a minimum of 10 days before travelling.  Travellers of 9 months of age and above require the vaccine for these areas.
Please take time to look at your travel itinerary.
Do I require a yellow fever vaccine?
Look on for your vaccine requirements. This will guide you to your personal need for yellow fever vaccine.

Do I need to pay for this vaccine?
As this vaccine is not available on the NHS prescription service, you are required to pay for the vaccine at the time you receive it.
The fee is £80.00 for the nurse consultation, vaccine and certificate

We do not accept credit or debit cards.  Payment is accepted by cash or cheque with a guarantee card

How long will the vaccine protect me for?
You will gain protection against yellow fever approximately 10 days following the vaccine. It will then give you 10 years of protection.

Why do I need a yellow fever certificate?
This international certificate of vaccination allows the immigration authorities of the country you are visiting to either:

  • Protect the population against yellow fever disease
  • Protect the traveller against the disease.

A certificate will automatically be issued to you when the vaccine has been administered.

You will be asked to sign the front page of the certificate and the inside will be completed by the nurse who gave you the vaccine.

It should be kept safely and MUST be taken with you when you travel. Without it, you will be held in immigration or asked to return home.

I have lost my original certificate, Can I get a replacement?
If the original details are available to use, then any yellow fever registered centre can issue a replacement certificate.
There may however be a charge for this service.