Castletown Medical Centre Sandfield, Castletown, Isle of Man IM9 1EX

Minor Ailments Scheme

Minor Ailments Scheme in conjunction with your Pharmacist

Every week appointments with your GP are taken to discuss minor conditions. Advice and treatment for these problems can be received at your local pharmacy.  Freeing up appointments about warts, athletes foot and colds would allow your GP to spend more time tackling complex medical problems.

If you are suffering from one of the ailments listed below, you may not need to go to your GP for treatment. So, instead of waiting for a GP’s appointment, visit your friendly local pharmacist first!

Athlete’s foot       Back pain       Cold sores       Conjunctivitis       Constipation    Contact dermatitis     Coughs & colds     Cystitis     Diarrhoea     Earache     Ear wax     Fever     Haemorrhoids (piles)     Hayfever & allergies     Head lice     Headache     Indigestion     Insect bites/stings     Mouth ulcers     Nappy rash     Scabies     Sprains & strains     Teething     Threadworm     Toothache     Thrush     Sore throat     Warts & Verrucas 

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